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The huge experience and professional expertise in all most all gamut of Interior designer and decorator in Kolkata have enabled us to reach out to our large clientele with the best offers. We render excellent service to various facets of Interior designs and we have our own unique way of designing, planning and consultancy service which are customised according to the need of the individual customer. We maintain interdisciplinary meetings and encourage sharing of ideas among the various wings of the architectural team to bring out the best combination of design and plan for a particular project. The art gets combined with science and commerce to bring the best result of Interior decoration in Kolkata while staying within the budget of the customers. The various services which we offer can be summarised as follows:

  • Layout Design,
  • Work on False Ceiling
  • Furniture selection and work for Furniture design
  • Marble and Tiles Fittings
  • False Flooring/ Wooden Flooring
  • Wall Paper and Painting
  • Designing on Glass
  • Interior designing of accessories and supply of accessories

We are capable enough to carry out proper electrical work, fabrication of aluminium structures, steel railings, designer lightings, imported fittings and various other related architectural works. Each of this work needs deep professional knowledge as well as a very creative outlook and we have all these qualities in our team.

In case the customer is in need of a beautiful Modular kitchen designer in Kolkata, we are the expert in this subject too. Apart from these works we are expert in different types of finishes which are as follows:

  • Laminate Finish
  • A.C.P. Finish
  • P.U. Paint Finish
  • Stainless Steel Finish
  • Gloss Finish

Almost all types of modern fittings can be easily available with us. The latest concept in Architectural accessories can be displayed to the customers, which can radically change the look of the interiors of a home and can make a breathtaking display of artistic creation. Verna Interior has been pursuing the interior designing activities in various parts of India for quite some time with incredible success. Our large clientele base has helped us to give positive feedbacks. We treasure our association with our valued customers and have always taken the suggestions put forward by our customers for making further developments in our approach. Our Interior designer in Kolkata has out of box thinking has enabled us to create designs which are unique and classic. We always thrive for perfection and we know that reaching to quality is a journey and never a destination.

Way back in 1992 when we started our journey, we had a small talented pool of people. By our hard work and endeavour and by the help of the creative mind we are as we are now. Our creative thinking has been able to attract the like-minded geniuses who were desperate to find a suitable platform to express their creative potential and manifest their latent talents. We have provided our team with the scope for free expression with brilliant results. We became the best Interior decorator in Kolkata. Today we are proud of our creations which have been applauded by our customers very well. We are determined to make a further breakthrough and will continue to give advice to and complete projects of our customers with the best of our ability. We like to excel in our creations and like to get satisfaction from our work.