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False Ceiling Designer in Kolkata

The use of false ceiling can make the interior of a home look fascinating. The classic effect that such false ceilings bring in has made it a favourite choice for interior decoration. Apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal of the interiors of a home, the use of false ceiling serves various other useful functions. The summer days can be made cooler with the protection with such false ceiling, you can customise the lighting effects to suit the mood of a room, it is very suitable for excellent air conditioning effect and it can suitably conceal the cables, or ducts, and finally the energy consumption can be vastly reduced.

False ceiling is basically a secondary ceiling which is suspended from the main ceiling of a room. False ceilings can be made from different materials and each of these materials has got its own advantage.

Gypsum False Ceilings:
These types of false ceilings are lightweight and are flexible to use. Also these types of false ceilings have excellent fire resistant properties. Very smooth finish can be achieved without having any visible joints in such type of false ceilings. The painting on such false ceilings can be made to suit the decor of a room and the ambience of the home or the office can be vastly improved.

Metallic Ceiling:
A designer look can be achieved with the use of such type of false ceiling. Very long lasting metal ceilings do not crack or do not absorb moisture and gives an elegant look to the interiors of a home or an office.

Plaster of Paris type False Ceiling:
Stunning patterns can be achieved with such type of false ceilings and it can give very smooth finish to the interiors. The craze for using the false ceilings is increasing day by day. The help of a professional False Ceiling Designer in Kolkata can truly manifest the vast potential of designs and can make an ordinary home or office look elegant and soothing. The ease of maintenance and cleaning of such ceilings apart from the ease of installation at a very economic rate are the other aspects for the popularity of such ceilings.