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Office Interiors

The concept of making the interiors of an office has undergone radical changes. Now the thrust is on building environmentally sustainable design for an office. The energy efficient and low carbon footprint office design should enhance the employee morale which can go a long way to improve the productivity of the working professionals.

An office should not be considered a simple acquisition of a space and setting it up with electronic devices and furniture. There are various factors which need to be considered in detail for making an efficient and attracting office design which is soothing to the eye and brings the best of the employees. An office design can make build a team spirit and harmonious relationship between boss and subordinates, between peers and can make a company grow phenomenally. The help of an Office Interior Designer in Kolkata can prove to be very effective in making a brilliant office design.

The Selection of the Office Furniture:
The office furniture should be selected wisely so that it should be stylish and comfortable. The furniture selection for the canteen, conference room or for the employees, need to be customised to get the best result. The cabinets and the desks with enough storage space may help to perform work in a better and effective way.

Good Ventilation and Proper Lighting:
While making the design of the office the experienced Interior designer focus on providing proper light and ventilation in the office which creates a very soothing atmosphere for work. The Windows curtains need to be placed suitably to provide sufficient natural lighting and the office should be well ventilated to provide a healthy atmosphere and to ensure that the employees do not fall sick or there is no lapse of concentration.

Color and Space Allocation:
Use of sober color which can create a smooth effect and can alleviate tension in the minds of the employee should be chosen for an office. Also, space should be suitably designed to meet the individual need of different departments.